An e-portfolio approach allows you to carry out a connected, modern and evolving skills assessment while boarding the digital train on the move.

It is aimed at anyone, whatever level of education or training, whatever interest in the job market, but it is particularly interesting for those who are looking for a new direction in their lifes.

You can access this "interactive backpack" anywhere, make it accessible to resource persons and thus benefit from their advice, but also have information at hand during a job interview or increase your chances of matching the profile sought by the employer. Currently mandatory for some professions and countries in the world, the e-portfolio is for the moment a « plus » for the job seeker; tomorrow it will be a « must ».

Understanding the process, becoming the actor of your professional digital showcase and starting your own e-portfolio can be learned through a 3-day intensive course, in english, french or german.

Understanding and starting an e-portfolio

Starting from the personal and professional background of each participant, new perspectives are explored, which are to be deepened and completed in preparation for the 2nd day of training, which will take place one week later.

Completing your e-portfolio
content & design

How best to present the uniqueness of each person, diplomas and non-formal knowledge, not on paper but on the web, this is the challenge of this second day of training. It’s making a start and then completing at home - and throughout life – your own e-portfolio.

Building identity and digital branding

The challenge remains to make effective use of this newly acquired tool. How to get noticed, how to highlight your digital presence, how to use it during a professional interview or at a distance. This third day opens up to the essential, humanity, relationships, practice.

Practical informations

The courses take place in the premises of Teenergy in Montreux on three full days during three weeks. The price is CHF 900 per participant for the whole course. Courses can also be organised at other locations on request.

Each participant comes with his/her computer or tablet and any documents related to his/her training and professional path such as CV, cover letter, diplomas,certificates, photos, films, certificates of private interests which could be related to the professional objective, LinkedIn page, skills assessment etc.

Computer equipment can be rented on site if necessary.

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